It’s a Friday night on the eve of a three-day weekend and Grace Monroe is working at the Reference Desk at the University library with Fiona. Only a handful of students, along with a campus police officer, are still in the library. Grace is one of the few librarians willing to descend down the nine floors into the stacks to reshelf the archived book collections… because there has long been a rumor of someone or something dwelling down there, who students call the Shadow Man. But Grace is more concerned about her stalker ex-boyfriend who has threatened her with violence. This night everything goes wrong when Grace and Fiona discover the main doors to the library have been chained shut and the campus police officer has gone missing. No one in the library can get a cell signal… and someone unseen is controlling the power and the lights to the building. As the survivors get picked off one by one, Grace realizes there’s nowhere else to go but down, down, down into the depths of the stacks.



Star of Ouija, DisCONNECTED

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Cuban parents. Ana Coto is known for her work on Ouija (2014), DisCONNECTED (2011) and Reality of Tomorrow (2010). Ana is also a photographer.