Confined to a wheelchair after a serious car accident that took the life of his wife, Keith Roswell finds himself all but imprisoned in his 4th floor walkup apartment.

Lonely and understandably questioning his faith, Keith is visited by his long time priest counselor Father Salvo, home health care supervisor Julia Lowell, and his best friend Carlos. Keith struggles to decipher reality from his own dreams, delusions, and perception of death as he mourns the loss of this wife and struggles with a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder.




Star of The O.C., The Sibling, Apartment 1303 3D, The Sixth Sense

Established as one of the most sought-after young actresses of her generation. She has just completed “Mining for Ruby” Directed by Zoe Quist, “Beyond Justice” with Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones and will star opposite Billy Zane in “Elephant’s Graveyard” and with Christopher Plummer and Timothy Hutton in “Butterfly Love” 2014.