A trio of American college students arrive in Moscow to retrieve the belongings of their friend who apparently committed suicide a week before by leaping from the window of his multistory apartment building. At least that’s what his Russian roommate says happened. Seeking answers as to why their happy-go-lucky friend would kill himself, the suspicious trio decides to stay at the apartment and investigate. What disturbs them is that across the courtyard, in another apartment, a strange couple seem to be watching them, all the time. Among their deceased friend’s belongings is a very old Ouija board – one that he brought with him from the U.S.A. The quartet uses this to try and contact their friend, but end up unwittingly unleashing something… something malevolent. In desperation, they engage the services of a Russian psychic medium, who attempts to rid the apartment block of the demonic presence that’s trying to take hold.



Star of The O.C., The Sibling, Apartment 1303 3D, The Sixth Sense

Established as one of the most sought-after young actresses of her generation. She has just completed “Mining for Ruby” Directed by Zoe Quist, “Beyond Justice” with Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones and will star opposite Billy Zane in “Elephant’s Graveyard” and with Christopher Plummer and Timothy Hutton in “Butterfly Love” 2014.